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The "Hello World" 'wstemplate' plugin that demonstrates how to add new Web-service functions says that the function in the plugin does not exist.



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Not a bug
    • Affects Version/s: 2.2
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Web Services
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      Obey the steps above.

      Obey the steps above.
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      Don't know any.
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      I have Moodle 2.2 running on a Linux host, and tried installing the wstemplate plugin that demonstrates how to implement a "Hello World" Web-service function. I then tried calling it from my PC. I did so by following the instructions at http://moodle.org/plugins/pluginversion.php?id=401 and in the client.php file that the plugin contains. This is what I did:

      1. I downloaded the plugin from http://moodle.org/plugins/pluginversion.php?id=401
      by clicking on the orange "Download for Moodle 2.0/Moodle 2.1/Moodle 2.2" box.

      2. The download arrived as a zip file. I copied it into Moodle's local directory. Incidentally, this is /var/www/moodle/moodle/local .

      3. I unzipped the zip file there. This created a subdirectory named 'wstemplate'
      containing client, db, externallib.php, lang, README, and version.php .

      4. From there, I copied local/wstemplate/client/client.php and curl.php
      onto my PC.

      5. I edited client.php to make $token a token I'd already created, and that I know works in a program that calls the built-in Web services
      (the program at http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=193295&parent=841702 ). And so that $domainname was my Moodle's URL. I checked that the token was still valid, by running my demo of the built-in Web services. It worked.

      6. On Moodle, I went to Site administration > Notifications. This
      gave me a table of three plugins, the final one of which had this
      Web service template /local/wstemplate Extension 2011101202 Moodle 2010112400 To be installed .
      I pressed the 'Upgrade' button below the table. This brought up a page
      I pressed the 'Continue' button on it. This brought up a blank Notifications

      7. I went to Site administration > Advanced features, and
      checked that the "Enable web services" checkbox was

      8. I went to Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Manage protocols,
      and checked that the checkbox for XML-RPC protocol was ticked.
      (So, by the way, was that for REST protocol. This is relevant to another problem I mention.)

      9. I went to Site administration > Plugins > Web services > External services.
      This showed a table with the line
      My service local_wstemplate Functions All users Edit .
      So the service had evidently been installed. Clicking on "Functions"
      showed another table saying
      local_wstemplate_hello_world Return Hello World FIRSTNAME.
      Can change the text (Hello World)
      sending a new text as parameter
      That concluded the installation instructions at the top
      of client.php .

      10. On my PC, I ran client.php by giving the DOS command
      php client.php .
      But I got this response:
      [faultCode] => 620
      [faultString] => Method "local_wstemplate_hello_world" does not exist

      Perhaps I have missed out some installation or configuration step, but the documentation doesn't tell me to do anything else. So if I have, there may be a bug in the documentation.

      I also tried calling local_wstemplate_hello_world via REST, in the same way as I called the built-in functions in my demo program. I did so using this PHP code:

      echo "Demo of Web service Hello World\n";
      echo "===============================\n";

      $token = '5c3510bdd288c1039228fad9ae5da';
      $domain = 'http://moodle.ireson-paine.com';

      $welcomemsg = 'Hello, ';

      $function_name = 'local_wstemplate_hello_world';

      $params = array( $welcomemsg );

      $serverurl = $domain . '/webservice/rest/server.php'. '?wstoken=' . $token . '&wsfunction='.$function_name;

      require_once( './curl.php' );
      $curl = new curl;

      echo "\nAbout to call function.\n";

      $response = $curl->post( $serverurl, $params );

      echo "\nCalled function.\n";

      echo "\nResponse = $response.\n";

      This gave me the following error:
      Response = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      <EXCEPTION class="webservice_access_exception">
      <MESSAGE>Access control exception</MESSAGE>
      <DEBUGINFO>Access to the function local_wstemplate_hello_world() is not allowed
      Please check if a service containing the function is enabled. In the service s
      ttings: if the service is restricted check that the user is listed. Still in th
      service settings check for IP restriction or if the service requires a capabil
      I think the service containing the function is enabled, because the 'Enabled' checkbox is ticked on Site administration ► Plugins ► Web services ► External services ► External service. It is not restricted, but is open to all users. It has no IP restrictions, and does not need a capability. So the above error message may also be wrong, or at least less informative than it should be.




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