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Create new marking guide advanced grading form type


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      Lightwork currently uses 2 types of rubrics which are being incorporated into Moodle.

      The first of these rubrics is very similar to the advanced grading rubric that was introduced in Moodle 2.2 and in order not to rebuild the same functionality in Moodle we have decided it would be better to modify Lightwork to use the advanced grading rubric. This will be done by using the new web service in MDL-31681 and modifying the Lightwork Java eclipse client.

      The second of these rubrics is known as a marking guide. It differs from the advanced grading rubric in that:

      • a maximum mark is defined for each criterion
      • the maximum marks defined for each criterion must add up to the maximum mark for the assignment
      • the teacher adds feedback and a mark (between 0 and the maximum allowed) for each criterion

      This marking guide can be implemented in Moodle by creating a new grading form plugin that can be called gradingform_markingguide.

      see also:

      Mockups of the user interface for the new marking guide can be found at

      The Lightwork rubric and marking guide have a number of features which will be included with the marking guide (and hopefully also to the existing rubric if agreed with Moodle). These are:

      • The ability to create and use a bank of frequently used comments
      • The ability for the student to generate a PDF version of the marking guide

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