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Link from view count in Activity report to Logs of that same module



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    • 2.2.1, 2.7
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      An enhancement to the reporting data would be to allow the user to view who has viewed a designated module based on the number given in the activity report. The first question that comes to mind when viewing the current activity report is who viewed these activities and when. As it stands, the activity report shows how many views have occurred for each activity, but that isn't a very complete picture. Clicking the activity name link points to the actual activity and leaves the reporting environment.

      A link to detailed stats of the activity would be useful. The view count seems to most logical place to include this specific report. If there is a value of '-' in the view column, there would be no need to have a link created in the activity report. The new report should pull the following criteria from logs:

      Same course as from activity report
      All participants
      All days
      Same activity as from view row in Activity report table.
      Action is 'view'
      Display on page

      Replication steps:

      • Navigate to Reports
      • Select Activity reports
      • Find data in View column
      • Link these integer values to detailed report of that particular activity.


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