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Assignment feedback/grade overwritten with multiple teachers.


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • Component/s: Assignment (2.2)
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      To recreate this:

      1 Assignment: Bughunt

      2 Teachers: Foo & Bar

      2 Students: Spam & Eggs

      Spam & Eggs both submit assignment Bughunt

      Both Foo & Bar open up mod/assignment/submissions.php at about the same time to give feedback and grades on Bughunt.

      Foo thinks Spam has done an excellent job, and gives Spam a 100. Foo posts no feedback or grades for Eggs.

      Eggs hasn't done all that well, and Bar gives him a 42 after thinking about it for a minute. Bar doesn't intend to post any feedback or grades for Eggs at this time, BUT because the initial value for Grade is 0, and feedback is empty, Bar just wiped out Foo's feedback for Eggs, and reset his grade to 0.

      potential fixes:

      1. instead of a single record for feedback, there could be multiple records, so that the teacher could track previous feedback/grades. The student would probably be shown only the last feedback/grade.

      2. instead of a save all of my feedback button at the bottom, there could be individual buttons for each submission.

      3. implement groups, so that there is only one teacher allowed to grade any particular participant.

      If #2 sounds like the way to go, feel free to assign this one to me.

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