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Lesson Module - 3rd page setup as Multiple Choice Quiz - Report shows wrong grade no matter the answer given.


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      When testing a lesson for a client we found that if the 3rd page is setup as a multiple choice question page no matter what answer is given by the user the Report shows that the user got the question wrong. The following information is the lesson setup and I attached the backup of my test to the tracker.

      Testing Instructions:

      1] Create a Course
      2] Create a Lesson. The following settings are not default:

      Re-takes allowed - Yes
      Handling of re-takes - Use maximum
      Display ongoing score - No
      Allow student review - Yes
      Provide option to try a question again - Yes
      Display default feedback - Yes
      Progress bar - Yes
      Display left menu - Yes

      3] Create 3 or more pages in the lesson

      • Page 1 & 2 should be content pages. Settings left at default.
      • Page 3 should be a Multiple Choice Question page. Settings for each question are as follows:
        + Answer - (Your choice)
        + Drop down - Moodle auto-format
        + Response - (Your choice)
        + Drop down - Moodle auto-format
        + Jump - Next page
        + Score - 1
        Note: Our question page had three possible correct answers.

      4] Login as a student.
      5] Attempt the lesson as a Student. Provide the correct answer when on the Question Page.
      6] As the student review your grade. It should be 100%
      7] Log out and log back in as an admin.
      8] Review the Report tab of the lesson.
      9] Check the attempt the student user just made.
      10] Although the student receives the correct score the Report shows the following:

      • Response: That's the wrong answer
      • Points earned: 0

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