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Migrate away from YUI2 treeview



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Development in progress
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 2.5
    • Fix Version/s: FRONTEND
    • Component/s: Filepicker, JavaScript
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      in YUI3 TreeView has become part of gallery. Update filepicker/filemanager/filebrowser to use YUI3 gallery TreeView

      Please note that filemanager.css uses YUI2 class names for treeview to overwrite behaviour

      There are several issues with YUI2 TreeView:
      1. Empty folder (when expanded) is displayed as a leaf
      2. I did not find the way to subscribe to right mouse click
      3. I was forced to include in files/renderer.php (function fm_js_template_listfilename) code
      <a class="fp-contextmenu" href="#" onclick="return false;">
      because Event.preventDefault does not actually prevent following href (and href is needed for keyboard Tab navigation)

      $ git grep MDL-32736
      files/renderer.php:     * @todo MDL-32736 remove onclick="return false;"
      lib/form/filemanager.js:                    // TODO MDL-32736 e is not an event here but an object with properties 'event' and 'node'
      repository/filepicker.js:            // TODO MDL-32736 use YUI3 gallery TreeView
      repository/filepicker.js:            // TODO MDL-32736 support right click
      repository/filepicker.js:                    // TODO MDL-32736 e is not an event here but an object with properties 'event' and 'node'


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