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Repository/Portfolio: Update box.net plugin to API v2.0



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      Box.net repository and portfolio will stop working on December 14, 2013.

      I got an email from box.net, we need to update lib/boxlib.php to address this issue:

      Hi Dongsheng,

      Hope all's well. I wanted to make you aware of an issue with the Box repository in Moodle - the short version is that because of a change to file IDs on our end, users of the repository are now likely unable to see any files uploaded to Box after May 1. I've included more info below, but in the mean time we have some mutual users who are currently running into the problem, so I'd like to bring you into a conversation with them - let me know if that's okay with you.

      Either way, give the below info a read and let me know your thoughts on implementing a fix. If you have any questions, just let me know. Thanks, and have a great weekend.


      Having trouble downloading new files from Box in your app? As you might be aware, Box's file IDs hit a milestone yesterday morning, passing 2^31. While we've been getting ready for the real 4-byte apocalypse for a while by updating our SDKs to use strings for all IDs, many of you may have applications that are affected.

      Why? Well, if you're using a signed integer in many languages, even though it uses 4 bytes for storage, the last byte is reserved for the positive/negative flag. If you were unfortunate enough to treat file IDs (or any other IDs from Box) as signed integers, then you might be experiencing this problem in your application.

      Because of this, we wanted to remind you that Box is moving off integers for IDs in the near future, so we strongly encourage you to take some time to update your applications.

      Where do you need to make updates? It depends on how you implemented and what language you used, so for specific help, please post on StackOverflow using the box-api tag and let us know what language or database you're using.

      So, what should you do? For one, see our blog post (http://developers.blog.box.com/2012/05/01/an-issue-for-ios-developers/) for even more gory details. We believe this affects Objective-C, C++ and Java implementations more than Ruby/Python/PHP implementations, but your database data types can also cause problems with IDs greater than 2^31. For iOS, we've got instructions there for how to get through a quick upgrade.

      The best fix, though, is to move all your IDs (files, folders, comments, discussions, collaborators, users, etc.) to use Strings both in your code and in your storage.


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