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META: Issues with MyMobile theme



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      Copying my comment from the linked issue

      1. on front page> click on blocks> the block "course description" shows up as blank tab. Clicking on the tab shows the description.
      2. Everything seems to be extremely slow and laggy
      3. When you click on "Settings" it shows the loading icon, and than it takes you to your existing page,before taking to the settings page
      4. Can be my phone but orientation changes were not properly detected.
      5. while editing a book resource, the form fields overlapped with the navigation menu (see the attached pic)
      6. Section pages are really messed up specially when the section doesn't contain any activities or resources.
      7. Drag and drop arrow is completely misplaced.
      8. I was trying to make a attachment to a forum post. Once I opened a filepicker, clicking on x wont close it.
      9. I had "student can manually mark this activity as complete" as the completion criteria for a file resource. I was able to mark the activity as complete from my phone. But it still shows as "uncomplete" when I access the site via desktop.
      10. View a book resource > goto the last chapter > click the up arrow. It should take you to course home page. But nothing really happens.
      11. Goto Quick grading page for any 2.3 assignment. Clicking on quick grading checkbox does nothing.
      12. Goto Quick grading page for any 2.3 assignment. Help icon for "quick grading" cannot be clicked.
      13. Randomly at times I was shown a blank page with just top navigation . Cannot determine the exact steps to reproduce it, but happened a few times.

      Most important thing is file-picker and course-section pages seems really messed up.


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