Current situation:

      Type of data: User-entered texts all over Moodle, after filters have been applied and converted to HTML
      Data structure: One simple HTML text, keyed by MD5 of original text concatenated a variety of params like context, filter settings, language etc
      When it gets stored: At the first time the text is displayed
      Where it gets stored: In table cache_text
      How it gets read: Next time the text is displayed, if within the $CFG->cachetext timeout period
      Does it need locking: No
      How it gets cleared: Cron job cleans anything older than $CFG->cachetext
      Typical sizes: 1k
      Safeguards in place (eg limits): None

      Bonus caching within this caching:

      A static variable $croncache[$md5key] = $text; is being used during CLI operations only (eg cron) to store the last 150 texts. MDL-13310

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