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      Moodle sessions work like standard PHP sessions, the only differences are:

      • we require locked sessions because we store critical information in them that can not get out of sync
      • we use extra fields in session table to allow lookup of user session via ID or last modified time

      The general data flow is:

      1. request wants to start session
      2. acquire lock, wait if already acquired
      3. read session data and decode
      4. execute some code
      5. write session state back
      6. release lock


      • it must be 100% reliable - no data/session loss allowed
      • locking is mandatory
      • it has to deal with large data (thanks to current design of moodle)
      • we want to get all sessions of one particular user
      • we need to be able to drop all sessions
      • we need to get list of sessions older than some date


      • at present we have only one fully functional driver (db sessions)
      • it might be easier to create memcached driver backed by db session storage and locking first and see how much faster that is
      • the session is sometimes ridiculously big, we should solve that asap

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