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      Consumed feeds (simplepie)..

      type of data: XML (RSS)
      data structure: simplepie internal (files in json format)
      when it gets stored: On field retrieval (optimised for retrival in cron)
      where it gets stored: moodledata/cache/simplepie/
      how it gets read: simplepie internally
      does it need locking: no
      how it gets cleared: The time to live expires (forced by cron) aka never.
      typical sizes: 5K per feed?
      safeguards in place (eg limits):
      Notes: Can definitely be shared between requests, in fact its designed so that we never retrieve feeds in an interactive request

      Generated feeds (forum)..

      type of data: XML (RSS)
      data structure: generated rss
      when it gets stored: When generating rss feed
      where it gets stored: moodledata/cache/rss/
      how it gets read: When serving feeds
      does it need locking: no/yes(?!)
      how it gets cleared: It doesn't, gets regenerated when expires
      typical sizes: varies (5k?)
      safeguards in place (eg limits):

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