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Enrolment via JS enrol interface ignores default duration setting


      If a manual enrolment method has a set default duration and users are enrolled via the ajax-y interface, the enrollment duration is not set in the enrolment options (however it is set in the non-javascript enrolment screen). It's set to the default Unlimited duration.

      Steps to replicate:
      */ Set the default duration on a manual enrolment method to say, 120 days.
      */ View the enrol users page for that course: /enrol/users.php?id=<id>
      */ Wait for the page to load and then click enrol, in the JS interface, expand the 'Enrolment options' section.
      */ You'll see the duration is set to Unlimited instead of 120.

      */ If you visit the non-js interface (which you can get to by clicking the 'enrol users' button before the JS has a chance to load) you'll see the 'Enrolment duration' field is filled in and is obeyed when you enrol users with that interface.

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