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Inconsistent and confusing drop-down menu design, most open/close links aren't also hyperlinks, but some are and have two competing functions


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      In the Navigation and Settings blocks you have javascript menus with open/close arrows. There is an inconsistency in the clickable headings with arrows that allow you to expand them and see more. The vast majority are just spans that are made clickable through javascript. But some are also normal hyperlinks as well. In the previous format you can click the arrow or the text and the same thing happens (either an open or a close action). In the latter case clicking on the arrow image itself will still open and close but clicking on the text next to it will load a different page.

      This is confusing and a minor accessibility issue since the click target is so small and so close to another link. It's made more confusing by the different time delays between the two actions so sometimes you click on a link and it immediately collapses or expands, then a short time later the page jumps somewhere else.

      Also confusing is the fact that if you click the link, then when you arrive on the page the subsection below it is automatically expanded. This means when you are on the page, the link is still clickable and will immediately collapse the section, then shortly after will reload the same page (moving you back to the top on longer pages) and as a result re-expand the menu that you just collapsed. At best you're back at square one, but possibly you've just been moved up the screen by clicking and this can be a bit disorientating.

      It might be simpler if all those clickable links were just turned into sub-headings e.g. instead of Question Bank taking you to the Question Bank settings there could be a settings item below the Question Bank heading.

      These sections don't do this anywhere in their sub-trees, and are consistently either a link or a collapse control:

      • Settings block -> Switch role to...
      • Settings block -> My profile settings
      • Settings block -> Site Administration

      Ones that have the link and the collapse control combined:

      • Settings block -> Front page/Course settings -> Users -> Permissions
      • Settings block -> Front page/Course settings -> Users -> Permissions
      • Settings block -> Front page/Course settings -> Question Bank

      None of the Activities I checked had the mixed version in their Activity Settings section with the exception of Quiz which repeats the Question Bank one from the Course settings.

      The Navigation block is consistent apart from the Courses lists at the bottom and the participants list when within a course.

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