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core_webservice_get_site_info should include the Moodle release number in returned values



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    • 2.3.1
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      A web service client will generally be designed and tested to run against a set of web service functions that are grouped together to make up a web service (e.g MOODLE_OFFICIAL_MOBILE_SERVICE or LIGHTWORK).

      These web services may change between different versions of Moodle and when a client connects it is important for it to know that it is connecting to a Moodle version with which it is guaranteed to work correctly (i.e the client development team has tested and released the client for that version of Moodle).

      In order to determine this, the very first web service function that all clients should call will be core_webservice_get_site_info. This function needs to be modified to return the release number of the Moodle version. It currently only returns the version (which it does multiple times for each moodle web service function). A web service client could use the release number as follows:

      • It would compare the returned release number (e.g 2.2.1) against the release number/numbers for which the client has been designed to run
      • If the release numbers do not match, it could use this information to:
        • Display a message to the user telling them that they are connecting to an old version of Moodle which is not supported by the client
        • Automatically trigger an update of the client software to support the version to which they are connecting
        • Display a message prompting the user to update their client software


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