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Conditional activity hiding activities instead of greyed out when set for whole topic.


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      Topic course format is set to "show all sections on one page." In this format, when I set a topic to be greyed out until XX activity in another topic is complete, the topic heading remains (full view, not greyed out) but all activities completely disappear (not greyed out).

      In my opinion, the whole topic should be greyed out including the heading (of course only when set to be greyed out as opposed to hidden).

      Steps to reproduce issue:

      1. Log in as admin
      2. Navigate to Site admin > Advanced features
      3. Check "Enable conditional" (accessenableavailability)
      4. Navigate to a course
      5. Navigate to Course admin > Edit settings
      6. Set Format = 'Topics format'
      7. Set Course layout = 'Show all sections on one page'
      8. Save settings
      9. Edit a section (topic) somewhere in the middle of the course [SECTION A]
      10. Under "Restrict access" set it to be dependant on another activity
      11. Set "Before section can be accessed" to "Show section greyed out..."

      Expected result: The [Section A] heading should be greyed out and activities contained within it should be greyed out and inaccessible to students.

      Actual result: The [Section A] heading is normally visible and activities in [Section A] are not visible.

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