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Cloze question does not show "Whether correct", "Specific feedback", "General feedback" and "Right Answer" on Interactive and Adaptative question behaviours



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      "During the attempt - Weather correct", "During the attempt - Specific feedback", "During the attempt - General feedback", "During the attempt - Right Answer" quiz settings are ignored on cloze questions, in adaptative mode or Interative with multiple tries question behaviours.

      The submited answers don't show the correct/incorrect simbols and colours (green/red) neither the #feedback, the general feedback and the right answer, unless no more tries are alouded (Interative with multiple tries with limited no of hints).

      We upgraded our client Moodle 1.9 to 2.3 and he complaints that on Moodle1.9, using adaptative mode, the cloze answers were marked with simbols and colours and the feedbaks were shown and now they aren't. This creates a problem to the student because he has no clue about what answers are right or wrong. We are talking about a question that may have a lot of embedded questions.

      Anyway, if these new "During the attempt" were added on Moodle 2, they should do what it is expected to do, giving the teacher the control to show, or not, the "Weather correct", "Specific feedback", "General feedback" and "Right Answer" feedback on Cloze questions.

      This problem is extended to other question types. I tried a multiple choice question in Adaptative ou Interactive Mode and only the specific feedback is shown. Weather correct, General feedback and the right answer are show only on the revision page.

      These feedback behaviour changes force Moodle users to change entirely their quizes after a 1.9 to 2.3 ugprade.


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