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Lesson: Multiple Answer Question Loops for Partially Correct Responses



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      Within a lesson activity, the multiple answer option appears to be having issues with displaying feedback and going to the correct page after submission. When a student partially answers a question correctly, the question continues to loop until the user answers it correctly. It should show the student feedback then go to the end of the lesson as it specified in the jump. It should only stay on that page if set to "This page", but all are set to "End of lesson". This functionality appears to have changed, and as a result a student can not score partial points anymore. (Previous students in the course scored partial points.)

      Replication Steps:

      1. Create Lesson
        • Ensure that Custom Scoring is set to Yes
          • Optional Step: Create a Content Page
      2. Create a Question Page
        • Use Multi-choice question
        • Allow for Multiple-answer
        • Make sure all answers go to "End of Less" and get 1 point score
          • No Responses
      3. Test
        • Select some but not all of the answers

      Expected result: You will be taken to the appropriate jump page

      Actual result: You will be taken back to the question

      Previously you would get partial credit for the question (Example if 3 of 4 were checked you would go to end of lesson with 3 points.)

      It maybe a side effect of http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-31266


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