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Entering feedback for an assignment in the gradebook generates a coding error.



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    • 2.3.2
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    • Assignment, Gradebook


      When in the gradebook, if you edit (grade/edit/tree/grade.php) a student's grade information and enter feedback into the form the following error is generated:

      Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: The property "context" is not set.
      Debug info:
      Error code: codingerror
      Stack trace:
          line 668 of /grade/grading/lib.php: coding_exception thrown
          line 331 of /grade/grading/lib.php: call to grading_manager->ensure_isset()
          line 530 of /grade/grading/lib.php: call to grading_manager->get_active_method()
          line 370 of /mod/assign/feedback/offline/locallib.php: call to grading_manager->get_active_controller()
          line 4394 of /mod/assign/locallib.php: call to assign_feedback_offline->is_enabled()
          line 858 of /mod/assign/lib.php: call to assign->get_user_grades_for_gradebook()
          line 875 of /mod/assign/lib.php: call to assign_get_user_grades()
          line 1190 of /lib/gradelib.php: call to assign_update_grades()
          line 1448 of /lib/grade/grade_item.php: call to grade_update_mod_grades()
          line 319 of /lib/grade/grade_grade.php: call to grade_item->refresh_grades()
          line 215 of /grade/edit/tree/grade.php: call to grade_grade->set_overridden()

      Replication steps

      1. Create an assignment. (mod/assign)
      2. Navigate to [Settings ► Grader report], Turn editing on. Click on the hand holding a pen / pencil (edit) to alter the students feedback. (grade/edit/tree/grade.php)
      3. Enter some text in the feedback text area and click 'Save changes'.
        Important If you change the students grade then the error will not occur.

      Expected outcome: You should be sent back the to grader report.
      Actual outcome: You should be looking at an error.


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