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Team Mode for Workshop



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    • 2.3, 2.7.2
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      Team Mode enables groups of students to submit work and be marked as a group.

      The team mode flag is stored as a boolean field in the workshop database table. Once enabled, assessments made by students appear to them as submitted by their team. Team mode requires that each student in the workshop's grouping (or in the course, if no grouping is selected) is in exactly one group. If there are students in more than one group, an error will be shown when enabling team mode. If there are students who belong to no groups, and no grouping is selected, a warning is shown.

      The team mode can be enabled or disabled at any time and affects only the presentation of data, not its storage. The submissions are still stored associated with the student who submitted them; when any student in their group accesses the workshop they will see this work submitted just as if they had submitted it themselves.


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