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Page Resource Doesn't Allow Numerical Assignment Description



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      I've been working with a faculty member who has been trying to add a new page resource to his course web (an unarchived 1.9 course web). He has been entering text in the correct fields to set up the page assignment (assignment name, description, content), but when he attempts to save and submit his content nothing happens. The web page just sits there and does not save the page resource.

      I have been trying to duplicate the issue, but haven't been able to until today. I watched the faculty member's process step by step today. I noticed he types the text Week 7 in the page description box, whereas I would type Week Seven. When I tried to add a page resource today using the same text the faculty member used (Week 7), the page just sat there when I tryied to save it – just as it has been doing for the faculty member.

      That said it appears when an assignment description ends in a numeral the page resource can not be saved.

      Again the course web in question is an unarchived 1.9 web, and we are currently running 2.2.3.

      Any help in solving this issue is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance for your time and support.

      Robin Brubaker
      Albion College




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