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RTL issues requiring changes in Moodle core.



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      This issue isn't really an issue, its a place to link other issues associated with fixing RTL bugs that require changes in core.
      The idea here is that we organise a list of issues and then get HQ developers to fix core issues and hopefully remove a few roadblocks for themers.


      We want to link issues here not make them subtasks. Please follow through these steps so that we have a consistent list and can easily look over it.

      1. Identify an issue you want to link here and record its tracker number.
      2. Browse to this issue and log in if you haven't already.
      3. From the "More actions" button near the top of the issues select link.
      4. In the link dialog select "This issue: will help resolve" and enter the tracker issue number you recorded earlier. Don't enter a comment.
      5. Click link. Done.

      Please do not add things willy-nilly here. Add issues that represent bugs (not new features) and please try to keep the list of linked issues concise to begin with.
      If only the most important issues are linked here then we can be sure we are spending time in the most essential places.
      As the issues are resolved we can look out to the other issues.

      Please do not add issues as subtasks of this issue. Link them as . This will leave them as they are in tracker and it tends to be easier to see issues that way.
      If the developers working on this feel they would benefit from linking issues then we can change that decision, but presently I think it is best we just link so that we can still see any meta/subtasks that issues may belong to.

      Please use comments etc to discuss any concerns, share information, the usual really.


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