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Add "OwnCloud" repository plugin for owncloud.org


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      Linked to this issue is a working OwnCloud repository plugin which is a refactor (renamed some classes and filenames) of the Moodle's core WEBDAV repository + added some changes to support multi-user login (as opposed to WEBDAV's single user login, set by system administrator)

      I am not sure if this "improvement" should be added on top of core WEBDAV repository, so I forked it and made a new plugin.


      OwnCloud is an open source "cloud" solution for storing user's files, contacts, calendar. It includes LDAP support. Which makes it very easy to integrate into Moodle (If also working with LDAP authentication plugin enabled). Plus, It includes many many 3rd party useful plugins and extensions. Lots of features and an active developer community too

      Link to a duplicate : CONTRIB-3959 of this issue on the Moodle contribution project

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