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Use normal help bubble for ratings scale description instead of pop-up window



      Currently, if when you click on the help icon for a ratings scale, instead of showing a regular help bubble, it pops up a new window with the scale description (plus all the trimmings).

      Also, the pop-up that appears includes the values from the scale as a drop-down menu.

      Reproduction steps:

      1. Log in as teacher/admin
      2. Create a Forum activity
      3. Set the Ratings Aggregate type to something other than None
      4. Set the Ratings Scale to "separate and connected ways of knowing" or some other scale
      5. Save settings
      6. Log in as a student
      7. Navigate to the course
      8. Navigate to the new forum
      9. Post a message to the forum
      10. Log in as a teacher
      11. Navigate to the course
      12. Navigate to the forum
      13. View the student's new discussion
      14. Click on the ? help icon next to the ratings drop-down

      Expected result: A friendly help bubble should appear

      Actual result: A pop-up window appears with the scale description and a drop-down for the scale values

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