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Navigation renderer does not allow for proper theming in site pages


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    • 2.3.2
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      The navigation under site pages does not allow proper theming because the structure is different than on the other levels (under course for example).

      • Add some activities which are expandable on site level (glossary, quiz, ...)
      • Expand 'Site pages'


      • The icon is correctly aligned and the arrow to expand is visible


      • Alignment is wrong

      I noticed that the logic between JavaScript and PHP is different (the item_with_icon is missing in PHP):

      // navigation.js:331
              if (icon && (!isbranch || this.get('type') == NODETYPE.ACTIVITY)) {
                  branchicon = Y.Node.create('<img alt="" />');
                  branchicon.setAttribute('src', M.util.image_url(icon.pix, icon.component));
      // blocks/navigation/renderer.php:128
                  if ($isbranch) {
                      $liclasses[] = 'contains_branch';
                      $liexpandable = array('aria-expanded' => in_array('collapsed', $liclasses) ? "false" : "true");
                  } else if ($hasicon) {
                      $liclasses[] = 'item_with_icon';

      Also there are inconsistencies with the class hasicon

      Also, there under courses, there would be a <ul> where as in site pages there is none. See screenshots.

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