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META - Multiple pages apply generalbox class instead of generaltable class to tables



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 2.3.3
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Themes
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      Context: http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Standardize_classnames_and_layout_to_facilitate_theming#.generalbox_for_text_features

      There are many locations where the generalbox class is applied to tables in the core Moodle:

      1. MDL-37591 admin/mnet/index.php (2 instances)
      2. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/check_bigints/check_bigints.class.php
      3. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/check_defaults/check_defaults.class.php
      4. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/check_foreign_keys/check_foreign_keys.class.php
      5. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/check_indexes/check_indexes.class.php
      6. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/check_oracle_semantics/check_oracle_semantics.class.php
      7. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/delete_field/delete_field.class.php
      8. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/delete_index/delete_index.class.php
      9. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/delete_key/delete_key.class.php
      10. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/delete_table/delete_table.class.php
      11. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/delete_xml_file/delete_xml_file.class.php
      12. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/revert_changes/revert_changes.class.php
      13. MDL-37592 admin/tool/xmldb/actions/XMLDBCheckAction.class.php
      14. MDL-37611 blocks/completionstatus/details.php (2 instances)
      15. MDL-37612 course/category.php (2 instances)
      16. MDL-37612 course/lib.php
      17. MDL-37612 course/search.php
      18. MDL-37613 mod/feedback/analysis.php
      19. MDL-37613 mod/feedback/analysis_course.php
      20. MDL-37613 mod/glossary/editcategories.html
      21. MDL-37613 mod/glossary/editcategories.php
      22. MDL-37613 mod/glossary/formats.php
      23. MDL-37613 mod/wiki/pagelib.php (5 instances)
      24. MDL-37614 report/completion/user.php

      Applying the wrong class to these tables can cause problems in themes. For example, each of these pages has an odd "rounded background corner" under the Standard theme. At the bottom of the table, the background color doesn't extend all the way into the bottom corners of the tables because the Standard theme expects boxes to either not have a border or to have rounded corners.


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