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Param data given to flowplayer not always correct resulting in failing audio


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    • 2.4, 2.6.5, 2.7.2
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      Randomly the flowplayer for audio will not playback the audio. This occurs in cases when there are multiple flowplayer elements generated by the mediaplugin filter. For pages containing only one audio element audio is always correctly played.

      This happens in all our 2.4 installations. To recreate the problem follow these steps:
      1. Create a page resource
      2. Fill the page resource with a few video's that are ought to be played by flowplayer
      3. End the page with an mp3 also to be played by flowplayer
      4. Load the page. When it plays, look at the sourcecode. Refresh the page and try playing the audio file again.

      The audio files we use are mp3 files. We have not tested this on other audio types.

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