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Remove old CSS for popuphelp


      I've been working on MDL-35819 and have just come across a load of CSS relating to help text. It doesn't seem to be related to the work I'm doing, but equally it does seem orphaned.

      This is in theme/base/style/core.css:

       * Help
      #help_icon_tooltip div.bd {width: 35em;}
      #help hr {border: none;height: 1px;background: #ccc;}
      #help .center {text-align: center;}
      #help .moreinfo {text-align: right;}
      #help .indent {margin-left: 40px;}
      #help .indent-big {margin-left: 160px;margin-right: 160px;}
      #help #emoticons{text-align: center;clear:both;width: 300px;margin-right: auto;margin-left:auto;}
      #help #emoticons ul{list-style-type: none;}
      #help #emoticons li{margin-bottom: 3px;width: 120px;border-left: 3px solid gray;padding-left: 7px;float: left;}

      The #help_icon_tooltip bit relates to some code removed in MDL-22067, but I haven't yet been able to work out where the #help section comes from.
      indent-big is not used in core, and nor is moreinfo.
      I also can't see anywhere which #emoticons is used.

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