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Removal of auto-logout



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      Hello. I am a student and I am taking a class that uses Moodle. It's a useful, valuable, and indispensable tool, but I have some issues with it. I will complain about the auto-logout feature here.

      When taking a quiz, if I take too long (some arbitrarily decided "long" amount of time) without clicking the "Next" button, which is apparently what I am to do in order to save my answers, the server automatically logs me out, so that all of my quiz answers are gone. It's extremely frustrating.

      Additionally, I will often read a problem on the class website, type up my solution, and then try to submit it, only to discover that I have to log in again. That is a less severe inconvenience, which would also be resolved by removing the auto-logout feature.

      I realize that the developers are concerned about security, but this is my computer science class, not my bank account. In any case, I told my browser to remember my login information, so anyone who wants into my computer science class, as if anyone cares, can just go ahead and get in anyway.

      In conclusion, the auto-logout feature is a nuisance that provides highly dubious security benefits to students. I would greatly enjoy its nonexistence. If there are students concerned about security, they will have configured their own machines to auto-lockout after some amount of time themselves (for example, upon exiting the screensaver), and they will benefit from the removal of the auto-logout feature in the same ways that I will.

      Thank you for your time, dedication, and consideration. Best regards.


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