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Add mimetype for Smart Notebook files and icons to pix


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      Some of our teachers use Smart Notebook files in Moodle with interactive whiteboards. It is helpful to have these in filelib.php and pix/f so that they can be downloaded and displayed with all the other files in the course.

      I have the below added to /lib/filelib.php under the function get_mimetypes_array()

      'gallery'	=> array ('type'=>'application/x-smarttech-notebook', 'icon'=>'notebook'),
      'galleryite'	=> array ('type'=>'application/x-smarttech-notebook', 'icon'=>'notebook'),
      'gallerycollection'	=> array ('type'=>'application/x-smarttech-notebook', 'icon'=>'notebook'),
      'notebook'	=> array ('type'=>'application/x-smarttech-notebook', 'icon'=>'notebook'),
      'nbk'	=> array ('type'=>'application/x-smarttech-notebook', 'icon'=>'notebook'),

      I also have the different pix/f/ images but will try to upload them separately.

      This will save me (any maybe others) from having to manually add these after each upgrade.


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        7. notebook-64.png
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        8. notebook-72.png
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        9. notebook-80.png
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        10. notebook-96.png
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