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Question paths - Content and Question improvement



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      I will try to explain this as best as I can, if you need more information please ask.

      A colleague has produced a Lesson that is Linear. There is only one path. It follows the pattern

      Content > Questions surrounding content > Next Content (etc)

      They have allowed the menu to appear as in each content section they list all the questions, allowing the research to take place.

      Then the student should attempt the actual questions, where they get 3 attempts to get this right.

      It was originally a paper based work book, with exams and the end, and was used as a qualification to allow the students into a certain profession. It was basically an entrance exam recognised by the company.

      However if a student comes in, attempts question 1 and gets it right, then in the table of contents clicks onto the Bibliography (last page) and submits that, they get 100% for the entire quiz.

      Where they should have received 5% of the overall questions not 100% of the ones they took.

      I understand why the lesson currently works the way it does, as if there is a number of paths, they may never see all the questions and should then not be marked down for only attempting 5 of 10 questions.

      However for a linear lesson they have to attempt all the questions.

      Our work around for now is to hide the menu and give them all the questions as a PDF on the first page. Then they have to navigate all the pages to get to the end. (Still need to test if they have to attempt every question)

      My suggestion would be that you have a setting when creating a path through questions and content, that allows you to specify Q1 is start of route A and B.

      Question 2 is Part of Route B Question 3 is part of Route A (create a defined path through the questions) so that if a question is left blank or wrong on that path way they are following it is counted against them in the final marked scoring.

      The lesson is a tool with such potential it seems strange the only way to get it working at the moment is either a question tool, or a content tool, but you can't mix them both.




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