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Allow course settings and other menus to be customised based on roles - in order to create a "Simple Course Creator" role



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      We have recently moved to Moodle 2.4 (from 2.2) and while I love the additional options, I keep having discussions with 'normal' teachers who still regard moodle as un-intuitive and frustrating to navigate. They understand that it is very powerful, but feel overwhelmed by the mass of buttons and options throughout pages, just to get started in a new course.

      Instead of all teachers being given the "Course Creator" role I have been considering if it was possible to create a "Simple Course Creator" role which I could assign to teachers by default.

      This role would not have as many options in the Course Settings page, and in particular, would get rid of the complexity of needing to set the enrolment key inside enrolment methods, as well as enable self-enrolment etc. (and the other issue around enrolment methods that I have been encountering is teachers accidentally clicking the hide button next to manual enrolments, therefore disabling their own access to the course!!).

      Of course, underneath everything would be the same, but by simply adding an "enrolment key" in the settings page, it would automatically enable self-enrolment and apply that key.

      It would be good if the Administrator/Manager was able to customise what this role could do, and perhaps make some decisions based on the situation as to which settings are already decided upon and which can be modified (ie. we pretty much only use 'topic mode' for courses, so I would just remove that as an option to reduce the complexity). Or the "Show gradebook to students" option, which in our situation wouldn't make sense to disable.... but I would think that if I (as an administrator) went into their course, I would be able to change the settings myself and then customise it a bit for them, or when they have mastered the basics I could make them into a "Proper Course Creator" with all of the options available to them.




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