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Ensure coherence across all steps and tests



      After releasing Moodle 2.5 all the steps and tests will be part of stable, before that we need to ensure as much as possible that all is coherent and there is nothing that can reduce maintainability or can be buggy

      • I expand "" node to I expand/collapse "" node
      • When using text strings inside xpath strings they should not be escaped using \, they should use " or ' depending on whether the characters they contain
      • Check which tests can use And I set "" value to "enablecompletion" administration setting
      • Remove $locator from lib/behat/behat_field_manager.php (get_node_type and get_field) is useless
      • XPath contains() should check class attributes wrapped in spaces
      • XPath looking for contents to interact with should use equal comparators as much as possible to avoid things like clicking on "Users upload" instead of "Users" (that would be below it) when using I click on "Users"
      • The number of stakeholders should be closed (right now the As a... is flexible) could be good to close that list and restrict the As a... to the stakeholders list for reporting in future
      • Activities names in I add a "name" to section "N" should use the activity name lang string "Forum" instead of the component sufix "forum"
      • The following "whatever" exist*s*, replaced by The following "whatever" exist?
      • Features and scenarios descriptions and .feature files names
      • Add more non-JS support, including add activities
      • Tests with javascript and tests without javascript
      • Nasty strings
      • Review / update all MDocs page
      • Look for steps definitions using hardcoded language string and replace them for get_string() calls

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