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Moodle has too many settings which increases customisation overhead. Include flavours in core



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      This issue has been floating around for awhile in some heads but i couldn't see any report so...

      The basic problem imo is that there are many settings and the organisation of these settings have been unable to cope with the growth of settings being added.

      We need a way a better way to organise and be able to drill down (in a standard way) several levels so that we can access settings according to how often they are required. Atm we have a flat hierarchy :

      • Module's settings (Normal and Advanced)
      • Admin's settings' (Normal and Experimental)

      It seems an improvement has already been implemented that is very central to this issue:

      I've spoken to David Monllaó about it on occasion and it seems his time has been constrained on this front.

      I propose that we bring this in and let it evolve in core. It looks like it needs to be tweaked to include the settings that are for standard plugins as part of a flavour.

      This will could also eventually tie in with MDL-38509 (plugin installation) to form a more easily/awesomely managed ecosystem.


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