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Why do I have to log in to moodle.org to automatically install plugins?


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      If I go to Site Admin > Plugins and click on the big install plugin/addon button at the top I'm sent to moodle.org. For some reason I'm then redirected to the login page.

      If I just to go the plugins database in my browser I don't have to log in.

      After logging in, at the top of the plugins page I notice that a "my site" link has appeared. Clicking on it I'm taken to a page containing the site name and URL.

      That I want to create an associated between my moodle.org account and the site Im setting up seems like a giant assumption to make. Is this really necessary to allow me to automatically install plugins?

      Maybe I'm building a site that I would prefer to remain confidential. Even if the information isn't publicly displayed it still exists in the moodle.org database until the user explicitly deletes it. Even then, how would the user know its really gone?

      It just seems really presumptuous to create this link without asking the user. Of course the user can still download plugins the old way but do we really have to lock users out of the new way unless they tell us what sites that are involved with?

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