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404 on direct install - need a session in the curl request (edge case of privilege where file isn't cached yet)


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      Install add-on tool:
      I tried to use plugins directory install button during approving a plugin. (wincache wasn't approved yet). This led to a 404 as moodle.org/plugins web service didn't serve download.moodle.org the plugin yet.

      Error code: err_curl_http_code
      $a contents: Array
      [url] => https://download.moodle.org/api/1.2/pluginfo.php?format=json&plugin=cachestore_wincache%402013041800
      [http_code] => 404

      Can this error handling process be made a little friendlier so that it does a second attempt on moodle.org/plugins (only for 404's).

      This second attempt/check however would need some (curl) session for accessing the file via a capability.

      ps: This would help a lot with plugin approval process

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