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LaTeX formulas in Lesson Short Answer questions


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      Steps: Within the lesson activity module in 2.3.2, add a question page, short answer type. Fill in required fields. In the response, add any LaTeX equation (example used: $$\frac{{ - 150}}


      = - 30$$ ) and preview the question.

      I'm having this issue only in the Short Answer question type Response field. This equation does not render out, instead it displays the code line given. Elsewhere in Moodle it displays fine, including on the Edit page of the lesson where you can see the entire lesson. But when you actually take the lesson or try the question, the equation doesn't render out. I have tried inserting this equation using the "Moodle auto-format" as well as the "HTML format" with no change between formats.

      We are running 2.3.2+ with MySQL on Ubuntu. This is my first Tracker so please let me know if I've left out important information.

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