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Large quiz won't submit due to PHP max_input_vars value


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    • 2.4.4
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      • increase the max_input_vars in the php.ini
      • use multipage mode

      When submitting a large quiz (more than 600 questions) an error occurred with the following message :
      A required parameter (attempt) was missing

      this is due to missing fields in $_POST.
      Its size is imposed by the max_input_vars setting (1000 by default) in the php.ini file.

      Steps to reproduce :
      With a default php installation,
      1. create a quiz with more than 600 questions
      2. access the preview mode
      3. click on "Quiz navigation > Finish attempt..." or on the "Check" button of any answer.

      Result :
      the error message above is displayed

      What was expected :
      either the submit process is correctly done (the better case)
      or prevent the creator of a quiz to create a too large one.

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