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Course News forum language incorrectly determined by user language settings



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      When a new Moodle course is generated, the language of the title and description of the News forum are erroneously determined (and permanently set) by the language preferences of the first user to visit the page, as opposed to the language settings of the course itself.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a test user
      2. As an administrator, create new course and enroll test user (but do not actually view the course page as the admin yet)
      3. Log in as test user, select a language other than the site default from the upper right hand corner language drop down menu
      4. As test user, navigate to the course. The course and News forum will appear in the language specified in the drop down (which is proper behavior at this point)
      5. Log out as test user, browse to the test course as admin user with language set to site default. Note that the title and description of the News forum are written in whatever language the test user had enabled when they visited the page.

      For debugging purposes, if you examine the timemodified field of the specific forum entry in the mdl_forum relation, you'll notice this is exactly equivalent to the time the first user visited the page. This is because the News forum is lazily generated upon the first course page view as opposed to at the time of course creation.


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