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cannot edit page resource, if file system repository instance used to add files was deleted



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      I experienced an error that produced a message that referred me to MDL-37757.

      However, that issue is 2.3 only by the title.

      To sum this up, I found that I could not edit a page resource at all, if a file (image, etc.) was referenced/added via a file system repository to the page resource, and then the repository was deleted.

      Ideally, one would want to edit the resource to use a different file. This is not possible.

      I created a file system repository in a course. Then I found that some of those files might be needed in other courses. I thought of deleting the local course instance, and creating a site-wide one based on the same folder on the server, so the files would be available for use in other courses.

      However, I had already used some files from the course repo (repository). The files in the site-wide repo would be identical, so it seemed this might work if I deleted the local course repository and created a site-wide repository based on the same folder/files.

      I decided to test this first.

      I created a test page resource and added an image file using a course repo. (There was a site-wide repo for the same folder.) I then deleted the local course repo (repository) instance, and the page resource still displayed correctly.

      However, when editing it, I got an error, and could not edit it or change to use the other, still existing, site-wide repository instance.

      To change the image file so it doesn't use the deleted repository instance, one would need to edit the page resource; however, editing is not possible.

      I am using Moodle 2.5.1+ (Build: 20130712)

      Here is the scenario, for creating / reproducing my experience:

      Simply create a file system repository instance in a course.

      Then create a page resource, and use the file system repository instance to
      add an image to the page resource. Use an alias/shortcut, instead of copying the file.

      Save the resource.

      Then delete the course file system repository instance (not deleting any files).

      The resource still displays, but cannot be edited (at least mine couldn't).


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