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Clean RTL: Label/Input alignment on smaller screens


      As identified by Barbara - when using a RTL language the responsive rules for forms are not working correctly. MDL-39682 fixed the issue for larger screens.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Use a screen of 360 width or 468 (or try lots of resolutions)
      2. Got to course settings or forum settings
      3. The labels are aligned on the same line as the input elements creating a mess
        It should behave the same as LTR, see screenshots:
      LTR (Basis) RTL

        1. ltr_468.png
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          Dan Poltawski
        2. ltr.png
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          Dan Poltawski
        3. rtl_468.png
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          Dan Poltawski
        4. rtl.png
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          Dan Poltawski

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