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Update dates after import (or bulk course upload) relative to new course start date



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      If open/close or restrict access dates are set for a resource or activity and then the items are imported into a new course, the dates set in the previous course are kept. Ex: Teacher has full list of activities that have open and close dates. Some may have Restrict Access dates as well. Teacher wants to move all activities into next semester's course which starts six months after original course. Teacher imports content into new course. Teacher must go through to each individual activity and update open and close dates, restrict access dates, etc.

      1. Add activities to course with open, close and restrict access dates
      2. Create second course with a separate start date (ex: six months later)
      3. Import activities into second course
      4. Activities keep old open, close and restrict access dates even though they are in the past because second course has a start date that was six months later

      Desired behavior: Option during import to have all dates (open, close, restrict access, etc.) update based off course start date of course importing into. This would be effecting resources with Restrict Access dates as well.

      Old Forum discussion - https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=225779

      Sidenote #1: I've had one crafty teacher who backups the course and edits XML file using a python script to update all the activity dates at once. Then re-packages and restores. It works for him but clearly he would prefer if it did it during normal import or restore.

      Sidenote #2: I've seen and heard people talk about this in the past but wasn't able to find a tracker. If it's a duplicate, oops


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