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More behat tests for filepicker



    • BACKEND Sprint 7


      Steps definitions for filepicker lack functionality essential for testing the references - filling the form when picking the file and overwriting an existing file in filemanager. This issue prepares the Moodle behat environment for reference-related tests.

      • Allow behat tests to use filepicker to pick files from different repositories (still only repositories that don't require login and don't have search form). This also allows to change the filename or other fields in select file dialogue.
      • Allow behat tests to change a file name when uploading a file
      • Allow behat tests to confirm "Overwrite" dialogue when picking the file with the same name as existing (both picking from repo and upload)
      • Create new behat test for picking file by shortcut (reference)
      • Create new behat test for overwriting the existing file in filemanager

      Also the "filemanager" was often referred to as "filepicker" in the steps definitions. This is confusing because "filepicker" is a modal window that allows to pick a file. "Filemanager" is a form element that allows to deal with files that have already been added, create folders and add new files using filepicker.

      The extra confusing part is that there is also a form_filepicker element for the forms but it is very rarely used.

      So in all new steps that I created I used the word "filemanager" when referring to the form element.


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