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No longer able to annotate pdfs in 2.6 beta


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      Having upgraded my dev site to Moodle 2.6beta (Build: 20131018) I can no longer annotate pdfs because I do not see the Launch pdf link and can only download the pdf. I have also tried this on the QA Master site and cannot annotate pdfs either.

      I understand the checkbox for annotate pdf has been removed as it is 'always on' but when it was present, I was able to edit pdfs and now I cannot.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create an assignment with one file upload;
      2. As a student, upload a pdf;
      3. Log back in as the teacher and click on the assignment> View/Grade all submissions;
      4. Click to grade the assignment. The pdf is there to be downloaded but there is no obvious way to annotate it directly.

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