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Course with LABEL activities - excessive load times



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      Environment: Moodle 2.5.3 - MySQL (latest) - bootstrap theme "essential although this problem has existed since 1.9+

      I am currently loading a course that times out on first load with an error similar to what follows:

      Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /var/www/moodle/lib/textlib.class.php on line 317

      IMPORTANT: The course MOSTLY uses the LABEL activity. There are only a few other activity types on the page. All other pages without labels have no issues. All labels are linked to a glossary entry (http://docs.moodle.org/25/en/Using_Glossary) with the hyper linking and glossary look up active.

      What changes is the line number (e.g line 317) - depending on how far load gets.

      Adjusting the max_execution_time to a larger value than default in php.ini (e.g 200) makes it so the page can load, but does not speed up the issue (Original value was default at 30)

      Sample can be found at http://whitelotussystem.com/course/view.php?id=983

      Any help would be genuinely appreciated - this has been going on for some time. Of all the course activities, I would have figured that the label activity would be the least intensive in terms of page rendering.


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