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POLICY: Accepting commits which only fix coding style



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      "Coding style change" refer to the situation when inline comments, spaces, indentation, variable/funciton names are changed to comply with Moodle coding styles.
      This issue is not about phpdocs changes.

      Can we accept such changes in the following cases:

      1. Several lines are changed to compy with Coding Style in the same commit as bug fix/improvement and are in the same piece of code as the actual fix.

      2. Many coding style lines are changed in the same file as actual bug fix/improvement.

      • in the same commit as bug fix
      • in the separate commit

      3. Coding style is improved in the file that was not affected in the actual bug fix/improvement

      4. There is a separate issue that changes the coding styles only

      • in one often used library file or accompanies the issue with bug fix in the same file
      • massive change in many files
      • the issue also contains unittests or behat tests that ensure that each changed file/function is tested
      • the issue changes the files that were not modified for a long time

      5. "Change that does not break anything if accidentally backported in some cherry-pick of bugfix".

      • for example: change function call $OUTPUT->BOX() to $OUTPUT->box()

      Cons of coding style changes:

      • possibility of creating a new bug
      • possibility of creating problem later when working on bug and changing the same lines (for example, new variable name is cherry-picked into the stable version)
      • git blame does not show actual code changes


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