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Mobile Web Service 'Could not insert a new entry to the Moodle log'


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      Whenever using the Mobile app and viewing a user inside the participants list of a course it causes the following error

      Debugging: Error: Could not insert a new entry to the Moodle log. Data too long for column 'action' at row 1<ul style="text-align: left" data-rel="backtrace"><li>line 1698 of /lib/datalib.php: call to debugging()</li><li>line ? of unknownfile: call to add_to_log()</li><li>line 494 of /lib/classes/event/base.php: call to call_user_func_array()</li><li>line 1641 of /webservice/lib.php: call to core\\event
      base->trigger()</li><li>line 46 of /webservice/rest/server.php: call to webservice_base_server->run()</li></ul>

      This is due to it trying to insert 'moodle_user_get_course_participants_by_id' (length 41) into the action field (length 40) which refers to a web service function that is deprecated.

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