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Log entries are being created for the impersonated user while using the "Login as" feature



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 2.5.3
    • 2.5.5, 2.6.2
    • Assignment


      When browsing Assignments, log entries are being made as the student's account while using the "Login as" feature. Other Activity types do not exhibit this behavior, including the old Assignment module, now called Assignment (2.2).

      1) login as a user that has permission to "Login as" a student
      2) navigate to a course that has
      a) at least one active student enrollment
      b) at least two Activities with at least one of them being an Assignment activity and at least one of them is not an Assignment activity
      3) navigate to the participant list or the enrolled users list
      4) click on one of the actively enrolled students to view their profile within the course
      5) in the Administration block, click on the "Login as" link
      6) verify you are logged in as the student
      7) go to the course main page
      8) click on the Assignment activity
      9) go back to the course main page
      10) click onto a non-Assignment activity
      11) log in as yourself in order to check the logs

      Check the logs:
      1) Course Administration > Reports > Logs
      2) apply filters to show only today's logs for the student you used "Login as" for
      3) check to see if the course clicks you performed as the student show or not




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