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Randomsamatch qtype should store used files internaly



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    • 2.5.4, 2.6.1
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      This is a follow-up of MDL-27414 where the randomsamatch qtype has been converted to the new question engine.
      Now the question text of shortanswer questions used in a randomsamatch attempt are stored in the attempt data at attempt start, but the images are not stored
      So to reproduce the problem

      • As a teacher create 3 short answer questions including one image in question text
      • create a randomsamatch question with "Number of questions to select" equal to 3
      • include this randomsamatch question in a quiz
      • as a student attempt this quiz
      • as a teacher delete one of the short answer questions
      • either as a teacher or as the student review the student attempt, the image is missing.

      Of course this is somewhat of an edge case !

      • the randomsamatch question is no utterly broken as it was in 1.9 in the same scenario because only the image is missing.
      • we can object it's the teacher responsability no to screw things like that

      But it would be better to fix the problem


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