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Refactor Atto code



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      I've put together a (mostly) working PoC to restructure the atto code.

      At present, the code is based around a structure which must be aware of every editor on the page. We have to pass around an elementid, and each plugin adds buttons to their own element, but with a single click handler.

      The code also does not meet the coding style guidelines.

      IMO, we need to refactor this to:

      • not pass around the elementid;
      • comply with coding style requirements;
      • include API documentation to assist plugin developers;
      • have one editor instance per editor;
      • have instances of the plugins on each editor rather than globally.

      This will:

      • make our lives far easier in the future to maintain because we'll be reducing the code duplication;
      • allow people to write plugins more easily and with much less code duplication;
      • which will allow for a greater diversity of plugins in a shorter period;
      • give better confidence from third-party developers writing plugins for the new editor, and as a result the community as a whole (just think how much we've complained about the TinyMCE plugin structure).

      Personally, I feel that this needs to be done before integration, and certainly before release.

      I've been working on a PoC which is semi-functional (35% of plugins are already done and the others aren't far off) and it only took a few hours to write including appropriate API docs.


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