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Atto: Toolbar should wrap on several lines


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      Currently, when expanding it, some buttons are opened on the same line, some on the next one. This creates an inconsistent visual experience on Desktop. The buttons should have a constant position so that it makes it easy to find them, and see where they will appear when expanding/collapsing.

      Damyon: I think this is not a blocker (it could be an improvement, but to decide on the best functionality, is difficult as there will be differing opinions. I agree that a consistent order makes things easier to "learn" (so they can be repeated quickly). This will be improved by having keyboard shortcuts. Also maybe just adding a break before the non-collapsed buttons is enough. The downside to more wrapping, is that on smaller screens there is more real estate taken up, and the wrapping starts to look random (long, short, long short etc).)

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